Why Belinda Atelier?

Originating from decades of experience in handmade shoes manufacturing, Belinda  Atelier is a second generation footwear brand that was founded in 2019.

Starting from a small warehouse as an online brand, Belinda Atelier was able to brilliantly respond to market needs and grow exponentially to become a top fashion Lebanese brand. We grew from a small warehouse to 2 fully operating branches: In Beirut & Zalqa regions, in additional to the online store that serves all local and global destinations.

Inspired by the fast fashion globally and by the exceptional energy of the youth, Belinda Atelier team also grew with young individuals who are bright, passionate, and constantly seeking what’s next in fashion.

Today, Belinda Atelier is a hot destination for every woman who is passionate about all kinds of footwear, bags, scarfs, and accessories.

Our secret? It’s youth! Our teams, from management to sales to marketing, are all young people who know what young ladies want.

The trend will change but our commitment to happy customers doesn’t.

Interested In Franchise?

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